Breeder: Yvan Diotte
Localisation : St-Eustache, St-Eustache, Québec
Code postal : J7R 0G4



 I have been raising short and long-haired miniature dachshunds since 2003. It is not just a passion for me, but my life. My dachshunds love living out in the country, on my farm in St-Eustache. They have plenty of room to run, play and exercise.



In working with our veterinarian, we devised a deworming and vaccination program that suits the needs of our dachshunds. It is administrated to the puppies with an exam at the age of 7 weeks of age. This is done in our home to eliminate any cross contaminations.

I am very concerned about achieving a good genetic line and to ensure that there are no inbreeding, we imported my males from the United States.