Breeder: Yvan Diotte
Location: Saint-Eustache, Laurentides, Québec
Postal code: J7R 0G4


I renovated part of my home, to accommodate a nursery, especially designed to suit their needs and care. In working with my veterinarian, we devised a de-worming and vaccination program that suits the needs of my dachshunds. It is administrated to the puppies with an exam at the age of 7 weeks of age. This is done in my home to eliminate any cross contaminations.

Because their health and security are very important to me, All my dogs benifit from a human presence 24 hours a day.

I am very concerned about achieving a good genetic line and to ensure that there are no inbreeding, I imported the males from the United States.

It would be a pleasure to meet you and introduce you to my loving dachshund family.

Yvan Diotte

Word of the Veterinarian

I am the "Aux Arpents Verts"'s veterinarian since Yvan have started to raise miniature dachshunds in 2003.

His facility (nursery) is very well kept. The vaccination, de-worming and disinfection program that was elaborated for his breeding is followed meticulously, for all their puppies and adults.

Dr. Normand Dupuis, Mv.
Bureau Vétérinaire Mirabel.